2014: a year in review!

2014 has been quite the exciting for us!! This year flew by at lightening speed, I still can't believe it is over! Here's our year in review.

January- Freshly married and on our Honeymoon in San Diego where we got to visit the beach, Disneyland, and my favorite california eats! We moved into our awesome little apartment! I started my last semester of my grad program and Travis started his last semester of Junior year!

February- Freezing to death in our apartment where we couldnt control the heat (well I was) Skiing, Valentines day, getting a Job offer with Orca Health.

March- Travis turned 23 and we got him a fish and a frog (the only kind of pets we will ever have).

April- I unofficially graduated and walked with my classmates.

May- Took a trip to Mexico. The hotel and beach were incredible, but we had a few mess-ups with the trip that we learned from. My good friend Xan came to visit from Georgia!

June- I defended my thesis and for real graduated. Lost my job at Orca Health, but got an even better job at Qualtrics!!!

July- Went on Travis' annual family reunion to Island park Idaho. Wicked with my mom and sister, that play won't ever get old. Stadium of Fire with Carrie Underwood and my fan, so FUN!

August- I turned 23!! Horseback riding in the mountains, Real Salt lake games that always decide to pour rain on us regardless of the time of year, and golfing for daysss.

September- Took a trip to Seattle! Started going to yoga at 3B. Went to the circus with our friends Jaimie and Geoff!

October- Free Neon Trees concert in Provo! Worked The Shine Project event at Albion Fit! Avoided halloween like the plague. Took some new photos with my handsome man.

November- Ran a half marathon with my boy! Spent thanksgiving with Travis' family (thought it was about time since he hasn't spent thanksgiving with them in 4 years).

December- Christmas parties, a Christmas concert and A Christmas Carol with the family, Nutcracker with my favorite women, and working our butts off in school and at work! 1 year Anniversary. Christmas with both of our families!

So much has happened this year and its been so fun with Travis at my side! I can't wait to see what 2015 has in store for us!

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