Oh my gosh I can't believe Christmas has come and gone already. It was such a blast!!!

I am so lucky to work at a job that gives us a Christmas break! I worked super hard to make sure I would be able to take the 24th through the 2nd off from work, and it paid off. This Christmas was heaven. Travis and I were so spoiled by each other and both of our families.

We decided this year that we would spend Christmas Eve with my family instead of splitting it like we did last year. We had an incredible dinner prepared by my mom and aunts of turkey and ham and every other tasty thing you could think of! My Aunt Teri made this broccoli salad that was DELICIOUS. I need to post the recipe!

Afterwards my grandma read Twas the Night Before Christmas and then my grandpa read the story of Christ's birth from the Bible. My dad gave a little speech about the true meaning of Christmas and got our whole family a little teary eyed. Afterwards we decided to watch a few church videos which made the tears flow even more. It really brought the spirit to the festivities.

Next we had our favorite christmas tradition, opening jammies!! I got these cute VS ones with names of cities Ive been too :) Travis got a super man onsie that my parents got at a Christmas party in the white elephant gift exchange. haha  He wore it all night!

Then we watched the giver (we always watch a movie as the kids on Christmas Eve). We went home after the movie, which was weird, it was the first time me and my siblings didn't have a sleepover on Christmas Eve.

Christmas day was a whirlwind of present opening with 20 people at our house. At first we tried to be all organized and have everyone go in order of age, but then it turned into straight chaos after about 20 minutes. Also, it snowed like crazy, so we woke up to a White Christmas!

We were so spoiled. My favorite gifts are my new Kindle Paperwhite and this super cute picnic basket from Travis, and my new Fossil purse from my parents!

We also got to talk to my brother Jake, who is on an LDS mission in Malaga, Spain and Travis' brother Quinten, who is on an LDS mission in Mesa, Arizona. It was so fun to talk to them (since we only get to twice a year). I can't believe they will both be coming home in 2015!!!

The rest of break, has been filled with Yoga, reading (on book 3), and just getting a bunch of stuff done before I have to be back at work on Friday!

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