Sicky weekend

I have been sick since last wednesday. Not fun. This weekend I was a lot better, to the point where we actually did some fun stuff!

Friday night I came home from work and we headed out to finish up some holiday shopping, get some delicious peppermint shakes from Chik-Fil-A, and come home to watch Elf and wrap the rest of our gifts!  It was VERY festive :)

Saturday we started out with sleeping in and going to Travis' computer lab so he could finish out something for his capstone class and I could finish up some work. Then we rushed to watch the last Hobbit with Travis' family. Afterwards we had an hour to kill before some laser tag (OH YEAH!) so we did some more shopping!

We went to Lazer tag and buffalo wild wings with travis' brothers and some stragglers. It was fun, but I sucked. haha When we came home we baked some chocolate chip cookies and watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Sunday we also watched the Santa Claus. I wanted to get in all my favorites before Christmas. Its been so busy with work and being sick that Christmas came so fast for me! I can't believe its in like two days! Crazyness. My last day of work till the new year is Tuesday and I can't wait!

Also, It snowed today, so it looks like we will have a white christmas (the one day a year I can appreciate snow).


  1. Man sounds like such a busy weekend...especially for being sickly! You have to tell was the peppermint shake?? I wanna try it yet don't wanna be disappointed, yknow? Worth it?