Thanksgiving week

I took a little break from blogging the last week. I had a lot of work to get finished before my 2 days off and just didn't have the time to invest, it happens.

We had an amazing Thanksgiving week. I needed those days off after how stressful the last month has been around here at work.

The break started with a brisk half marathon. My mom was supposed to run it with me and Travis, but she bailed last minute. The half was refreshing and I loved all of the treats at the end (pumpkin pie, hot chocolate, dinner rolls, etc). It was so fun! and we had perfect weather. More about the half soon.

Next we headed up to Bountiful for Thanksgiving dinner. It was my first Holiday not spent with my side of the family, sacrifices. But it was fun to spend it with Travis' family. We had it at Travis' unlcles house which was sweet. It had like 5 floors and an indoor basketball court. A lot of PIG was played before dinner. Dinner was delightful and lots of football watching commenced in the theatre room afterwards.

The next day we spent with my family for pizza, football and games. I think we played 5 hours of Scum. haha a family favorite. It was so fun to be with everyone especially since I couldn't be with them on the actual holiday.

On Saturday I went to yoga, and my hamstrings hated me afterwards. Apparently half soreness and yoga don't go good together. We then set up our christmas tree that our gracious landlords let us borrow. I am so happy with how it all turned out! :)

Saturday night we went out to dinner for my little sisters 16th birthday at our favorite Chinese place of all time, Fongs. Then we headed to salt lake for the Celebration of Christ Christmas concert. Seriously the best way to kick off the holiday season. David Archuleta was as good as I remember him from that one time freshman year when all of my roommates and I travelled to colorado for his concert!

I loved being with my family. Christmas season is just magical!!

Miles this week: 18
Miles this year: 281


  1. A 1/2 marathon followed by pumpkin pie and hot chocolate?? Sounds like a dream! Where was it?

    1. It was the thankful13 half! Its held near thanksgiving point on Thanksgiving every year!