The Qualtrics Holiday Extravaganza

Where do i even start? Qualtrics knows how to throw a holiday party that's for sure. It was a night of decadence. The venue, decorations, food, music, and entertainment were all incredible!!! I seriously don't think I have ever been to a fancier party. I also loved the 1920's theme, the epitome of overindulgence. 

I got off work as early as I could to get ready (after receiving an unexpected 1K christmas bonus and some incredible Qualtrics Swag, seriously they outdid themselves this time). I threw up my hair into a twisted bun, had to shorten my hair to fit the theme! I loved how it turned out, and it stayed all night! Then we left for the party with our friends Chelsee and Issac. We managed to find an amazing parking space and we entered the convention center where the party was being held. I was BLOWN away when I walked into the venue. It was completely decked out. Not a sliver of wall/table/or ceiling wasn't decorated. I think Gatsby himself would be proud. 

We got our amazing dinner with a choice of chicken, steak or salmon. I of course chose steak, it was mouthwateringly delicious. There were 10+sides to fill up our plates and a bunch of dessert choices that were all equally delicious. 

Once we finished dinner, our CEO Ryan Smith talked about the growth of the company and where we are headed. It made me so proud to be apart of Qualtrics. Then the entertainment for the night was announced. We got a private concert from Brian Mcknight! He was hilarious, and has one of the most incredible voices I have ever heard. 

After the performance some tables were moved to make way for a dance floor. We danced for a while and it was a blast!!!! Dancing crazy with Travis is one of the best times. We were just cracking each other up. Also, Its so fun to have so many friends at work with me now :) 

Our new friends Chelsee and Issac

 Brian Mcknight was seriously incredible

 So fun having my friends working with me at Qualtrics

Martha, Me, and Ali all graduated from the same masters program together, we figured deviating from our field to the same company together would be a good idea! 

Dancing our little hearts out

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