Those moments when I realize I am exercise crazy

1. Running in 40 degree's and pouring rain and loving it.

2. Waking up at 6 am on a work day to go to a spin class.

3. Using my free time to attend some kind of exercise class after work instead of watching tv.

4. Waking up early for yoga on a saturday.

5. Getting new long yoga pants and a sweatshirt from my work and my first thought being, "I want to try these out running outside in the cold."

I don't know when I became this crazy person, but here we are. Its even worse now that I work full-time sitting at a computer 50+hours a week. My body craves exercise!!!

Also, I loved these treadmill tips from HRG this week!


  1. That is wonderful you love working out so much!!! I used to love spin classes and would get up early for them. I have now just become lazy lol.
    Melanie @

  2. i am totally with you! too addicted to running over here! but I don't always choose the gym over tv at night if I've already ran for the day. hahaa