What a business trip to Atlanta looks like

My business trip was so much fun!!! mostly because I finally got to be a real businesswomen. You dont really feel like a business women when you wear jeans and a t-shirt to work everyday, but that has its own perks.

This is what my business trip looked like:

7am- wake up and pack
7:45- rush out the door
8- stuck in traffic
9- frantically trying to park my car with the airport under tons of construction
9:15- getting on the shuttle jittery that I am going to miss my flight
9:25- get to my gate, they were late to start boarding so everything is good
10- Purchase the internet to work on the plane.
12 internet has been going in and out for the next 2 hours... fun.
1:30/3:30 local- arrive in Atlanta, send some emails before waiting for my ride
4-9- hang out with my bestie Xan in Atlanta
9- meet my colleague, she gives me homework
10- takes me a half hour to open the docs (tired?) review data.
10:30- plan to go to bed... but its only 8:30 in Utah.
Stay up till 1:30- mistake!

7:45- Wake up begrudgingly
8-4 meetings
4:30- head to the airport with 5 other ladies at the meeting
5-7:30 wait at the airport to board my flight, bored.
9- layover in Denver
11:40 make it to Salt Lake
Midnight- fill up my car because I forgot to beforehand
1- make it home, finally
1:30 sleep.

Its a good thing I got to come in late today or I would be dead tired. It was such a quick trip, but so fun. I loved seeing Xan and going to this cool rotating restraunt for dessert, and feeling like we were going to get mugged. I also really enjoyed the meetings, except at about 2 I was falling asleep. haha

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