Europe tour 2012: Berlin, Germany

Berlin was an incredible place to visit. We found a hostel for $11 bucks a night and had a friend of Adriennes living there who toured us all around! 

Berlin was filled with sightseeing, memorials, gelato and chocolate (this becomes a theme throughout the trip), the philharmonic, palaces, and monasteries. I cannot say enough good things about Berlin, the only thing I didn't love was the food here. 

This WWII memorial was a tribute to the Jews who lost their lives due to the Nazi's. It is the most thought provoking and emotional memorials I have ever been to. We walked around together and on our own for about an hour. I thought about the symbolism of the different sized blocks (some as low as a foot and some as high as 20 ft.) of how regardless of age, these people were senselessly murdered.

Seeing the Berlin wall was also a highlight!! Germany's past is hard to understand and hard to fathom.

We also had the opportunity to see the Berlin Philharmonic, one of the best in the world. I really enjoyed this concert. I honestly hadn't given much thought to classical music before this.

 I believe this was the summer palace, because obviously you need a summer and winter palace about a mile away on the same property.

I definitely miss the sorbet and gelato I consumed on a daily if not more than daily basis.

The palace monastery was peaceful and had a beautiful Christus.

The rooms of the palace were so ornate. I was dying over how incredible they were!

Ritter sport. Oh. My. We got about 15-20 chocolate bars our first day or so to "give to our families" even after we returned to buy more I think I ended up with a bar for each family member, and they may have been bought at the airport on the way home from Athens.

We ate about 2 meals a day in Europe and supplemented with gelato and chocolate.

The owner of the palace loved ruins so much he had a replica built so he could look out his window and always see them in the distance. HA!

Winter palace.

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