Europe tour 2012: Brussels, Belgium

I am not sure we really had anything we were super excited to do in Belgium other than it was SUPER convenient. Our hosts in England's partner works in Belgium and took us there when he would regularly go for work! The coolest part was riding in a car on the Chunnel. WHAT? underwater in a car?!

We stayed at a hostel and got to know this super cool girl traveling for a couple months all on her own. BRAVE.

We walked the entire city of Brussels in about a day. We were so excited to be on our own and doing whatever we wanted. I am glad we saw brussels at the beginning of the trip, because I don't think we would have been quite as enthusiastic had it been towards the end. There just wasn't that much to see/do.

The biggest disappointment of Brussels was finding out the day we were leaving the the most romantic/picturesque city in basically all of Europe was like a half hour away in a city called Bruges. Next time Belgium, Next time.

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