Europe tour 2012: Cheltenham, England

Cheltenham was the perfect place to get over our travel tiredness and completely catch up, since it had been over 4 months since Adrienne and I had seen each other! We walked around town, looked through the shops, ate some delicious foods prepared by our gracious hosts, watched a delightful European talent show and it was even got my first introduction to downtown abby.

This was just an adorable blue door I found as Adrienne and I were traipsing around Cheltenham. Europe was full of incredibly beautiful doors!

The coolest thing we did in Cheltenham was visit the close by Sudeley castle, which was built in the 15th century and had quite the interesting history. It really got us into the Europe trip mood!

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  1. These places are gorgeous! Now I know another place I want to visit. :)

  2. Cheltenham was so fun, because it wasn't touristy! A little off the beaten track compared to the rest of our trip :)

  3. I am so incredibly jealous you get to go to Europe!

    xx Angella