Europe tour 2012: London, England.

I arrived in London at the airport and was picked up by a driver, courtesy of my incredible host, my mom's best friend from high school, Tracey!

I was told you are not allowed to sleep until its bedtime in the country you are in, to make sure jet lag doesn't plague you the whole trip so thats what I did. I didn't go to sleep until 9:30 London time. Let me tell you. I was FREAKING exhausted by then, but it really worked like a charm. I didn't have any jet lag problems after that.

The next day Tracey and I went shopping (at beautiful bookstores and other less important places), ate some delicious foods, saw the Broad street pump (The only thing I REALLY cared about seeing in London, I clearly had just graduated with a degree in Epidemiology) and anxiously awaited Adrienne's arrival at our hotel. The whole thing was a little stressful since neither of us had cell phones, so if she got lost or couldn't find the hotel, we were screwed. I was so relieved when she walked into the lobby!

Adrienne and I decided the best idea would be to get a red double decker bus pass to get us the best well rounded look at the city. We had about 6 hours to pack in as much as we could. We saw Big Ben, The London Tower Bridge, The London Eye, The tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and Westminster Abby. Unfortunately we didn't get to do much but see them!

We had to meet Tracey at the bus station around 8 to catch our bus to her town of Cheltenham. Its kind of a miracle we made it to the bus station. We got so lost, we were all freaking out, and decided the next day we needed to get a cell phone. haha

We had less than 2 days to explore the majestic London, its somewhere I really want to go back to to explore more!

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  1. So fun! I went to London in 2006, 2010, and am going this summer with my boyfriend! I love London. It looks like you had gorgeous weather too!!

  2. I am so jealous!!! I need to go back. Yeah everyone kept telling us, you are getting a really warped idea of England, its never like this!!! It was sunny the 3-4 days we were there! haha

  3. How beautiful! I've never been overseas so it's still like this imaginary place in my head :) I love to look at people's trips and dream about going some day.

  4. It was a blast!! And you can go for pretty cheap if you plan ahead! Every Friday I'll be posting about a different place we visited :) feel free to check back :) we went to 12 different cities in 7 countries!