Graduation trip 2015

I AM SO EXCITED!!! We just booked our flights to the Philippines!

Travis is graduating in april so naturally we are taking a trip. We went to Mexico for mine. Now most people probably don't think I wanna go on vacation to the Philippines, but I'll show you why we decided it was a good idea. Also, read this.

It's probably going to be the biggest adventure of our lives to this point. But I can't wait to sit on a beach with warm sand in my toes, a book in my hand, and the sounds of the waves!!!

The Philippines is basically Hawaii except a lot cooler and cheaper. Its going to take us a while to get there 24 hours of traveling and 4 flights, but I'd say its worth it! We are also going with our friends Brandon and Martha, which means we will have our very own photographers for this trip, they really have their own photography business. So we will have awesome photos, and people to make us feel more safe about the whole thing.

April 24th cannot come soon enough!


  1. ah so fun! my mom went there and said it was so so so hot. but other than that she loved it! it's also on my list. i love cheap vacations in amazing places! you guys are lucky you'll have profesh photographers!!