January Goals

Its full blown winter wonderland here in Utah, so I thought this picture was appropriate.

I am actually not a big fan of "New years resolutions" because I can't seem to figure out how to make goals broad enough to fill up an entire year, but specific enough to be motivating and measurable. So i'll stick to monthly goals!

These were my December goals:

1. Work hard enough to be able to take off the full Christmas week. 
2. Start new Christmas traditions with the husband.
Sort of? Not really. haha 
3. Start practicing the guitar.
Ugh nope. 
4. Send out wedding thank you's by the 28th- haha
Sent out about 50, good enough. 
Sorry to everyone that didn't get one! 

January Goals
1. Ski once with the husband and try to enjoy it
2. Start learning the guitar (5 chords) baby steps
3. Go to yoga 3 times a week
4. Get back to posting 3-4 times a week on the blog
5. Read at least 5 new books on my kindle :) 

What are some of your goals this month/year?


  1. These are such great goals! What books are on your reading list? I'm reading Steal Like an Artist right now. Quick and inspiring. :) I have trouble making goals that stretch all year, too. I have a couple that will take me all year to complete, and some things I'm looking forward to that won't happen until the fall, but most of my goals will probably be done by April. I just I just have to make Tri-annual new years goals. ;) haha

  2. Thank you! I finished 4 books this week. haha I read "Someday, someday maybe" by Lauren Grahm, "Four" (part of the divergent series) by Veronica Roth, and then 2 books of the "Goose Girl" series by Shannon Hale. I am also in the middle of "The Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis! I'd recommend them all. I have a post coming soon of my favorite books I read in 2014 :)

  3. I love it! I am sticking with my monthly goals too!Yoga sounds SO fun!

  4. Twins! Oh my gosh it is so fun! I was going twice a week already, but I am excited for 3 times! I am so lucky my work gets me half off passes to the studio I go to so that I can afford it!