Jazz game!

Last night we got to go to the Jazz vs Warriors game! It was so much fun! My parents gave Travis the tickets for Christmas and we've been looking forward to it ever since. The Jazz were doing REALLY well until the 3rd quarter and then they kind of spiraled out of control.

Basketball isn't something that I just love, but being there with Travis makes it all the more fun. Travis and I are incredibly different and therefore don't have a lot of things we love to do in common. This year we are making a bigger effort to do the others favorite things and really enjoy them together.

It's okay if we don't everything together. For example, when he is watching sports at home, I just can't get into them, so I usually read. But it is fun to experience new things and teach each other!

P.S. we just booked Travis' graduation trip and I am SO EXCITED!!!

What things do you and your husband/boyfriend do together that aren't necessarily the other jam?

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