My journey to running

My journey to becoming a runner is kind of odd. I didn't just love running from the outset. In fact, I really hated it. I would occasionally go on runs with my mom in high school and after abut a mile id head home cuz I couldn't take much more than that.

I didn't get into it until I had friends that were enthusiastic about running half marathons, and encouraged me to try it. At this point in my life, the longest I had ever run was probably a mile and a half and it wasn't fast. haha

My friends Xan and Megan got me to jump on the bandwagon. We ran together 3-5 times a week when training for my first half. It was honestly a blast, and I looked forward to our runs (almost) everyday.

It was a time to talk about life and figure out where we were going. To be honest I don't remember much running those couple months. Which is why this method worked for me. I trained without really feeling like I was training!

Plus I got two incredible best friends that I really don't think I would have become so close with without running. Ive been on trips with these girls and they were in my wedding. I love them so much!

Now I'm 3 halfs in and still loving the way running makes me feel. I still run with my friend Megan when we can, but life has gotten way crazy for both of us with full-time jobs, so its not quite as awesome as when we had so much free time back in the college days.


  1. I didn't love running at first either. I mostly used it as a tool to get in shape for soccer during the off-season in high school. i ended up quitting soccer and just becoming a runner! haha I've loved it since I stopped hating it ;)

  2. I hated running too - its funny because I signed up to run my first half with my friend Hannah, with whom I have vivid memories of complaining about running with during cross country and track practices. haha, look at where we are today! ;)
    also, on a completely random note, I noticed you got disqus, when I first saw it I was skeptical but now I just love it and it makes commenting and beng commented on so much more organized imo ;)

  3. Haha I still complain plenty now ;) I know!!! it makes it so easy to make sure I respond to everyone, I love it!

  4. oh me too! haha. what I thought I typed, (but obviously didn't lol), is that we used to have long conversations at practice about how much we hated running and all the reasons, and why walking was infinitely better in any situation... haha ;)