Oh the weekend

-I don't know what it was about having such a long break from work, but coming in on a Friday was a struggle. The funniest part is that I came into a 50 degree office. You read that correctly, it was 50 degrees in my office. Not cool. After an hour of not being able to think or type, I decided to work at home. A much better way to ease back into work.

-I almost died from slipping on ice at least 3 times this weekend.

-Yoga is my favorite. Friday Yoga after work is the best de-stressor.

- I don't know what it is but every time I set out stuff to put in the slow cooker the night before I ALWAYS forget to plug it in. Our meal wasn't lost, but happened much later than intended.

-Trying to make french dip sandwiches from pinterest. FAIL. and got my hand burnt by the meat.

-Does anyone have any good winter date ideas, because we need them. We are sick of doing the same ol same ol (movies, playing games, going to dinner, etc.) We need the adventure of summer back!

-Waking up with the biggest kink in my neck I've ever had. Hurt so bad until my husband googled a thai massage therapy remedy. Then continued to hurt (a little less) the rest of the weekend.

- That moment when I spill tons of rice out of makeshift rice heat pad all over the kitchen floor.

-Morning receptions, whats that about?

-Salt Lake is a great idea. Especially when it includes this guy and the temple. Also we are really good at taking selfies ;)

This weekend had a lot of ups and downs, but the ups always outweigh the downs! 

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