When work is taking over your whole life

The last two weeks have been, lets just say horrible. Work has taken over my life.

2 weeks ago I worked around 80 hours in one week. Literally all I did was work, eat, sleep and was a stress case. Exercise and getting enough sleep has been key to me not completely losing it.

Thank goodness for my husband who held me when I was freaking out and cooked me dinner every night and didn't complain at all when I had to work every free minute.

This last week was a little better but I did have one 14 hour day. I think I've set myself up so that the near future won't be quite as bad.

I still love my job, and clearly need to find a work life balance, but I never quite expected the pressure difference between school and working. In school the only person I could disappoint was myself. At work I can disappoint myself, my team lead, and heaven forbid the client, who is paying me to get stuff done for them.

I know I have a lot to be grateful for, a great job, and a steady income, a wonderful husband and great family and friends who care for me and worry about me. I always want to keep that perspective when life gets hard for me. Everyone has different challenges, right now this is mine.

Here's to finding a balance. Anyone have advice?

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