Book Signings

Yesterday was my first real book signing, by real I mean that I have waited in line to see Nichole Riche, I believe for a book signing (lets be honest I didn't really know who she was). I didn't buy the book or have her sign it. I was there to be with a friend and get some free stuff from this cool little boutique in LA when I was 15. 

My awesome cousin Taylor wrote and self published a short novel. How cool is that?? Even cooler, he recently go it in a local bookstore and I had the opportunity to buy it in a book store and have him sign it. 

I couldn't be a prouder cousin. His book, "I'm Trying Here: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Misadventure" Is available on Amazon and at Pioneer book in Provo. Its incredibly fun, fast read that makes you laugh. Check it out. 

So grateful for the amazing and talented family I get to be a part of!


  1. that is so awesome!!
    adding it to my wishlist right now! :)

  2. how awesome! i love reading suggestions...especially when the recommender (that's a word, right? haha) knows the author! :)