Europe tour 2012: Munich, Germany

Munich was a completely unexpected adventure. We pretty much had no plans when we got into Munich. My favorite thing is that our hostel was 40 beds to a room and right when we got settled we were accosted by two boys. The boys told us about this super awesome beer tour they went on the night before and how it was amazing and they don't remember much, but it was so fun. We were like uh okay and then we giggled our way out of there.

The next day we gathered in the square outside our hostel for the free tours the hostel had told us were provided. Then we heard about a tour to Dachau, one of the most famous concentration camps from the Holocaust. I love WWII history so it was an opportunity we jumped at.

Visiting Dachau was a very humbling experience. We walked through the camp, learned about the prisoners lives, and went into the crematorium. I can't imagine how the people in this camp felt or how they suffered. It was truly horrible.

I am so grateful for the guide we managed to get. He knew everything about the camp, Holocaust and made us think about how this wasn't the only instance in our history or our future of inhumanity.

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