Europe tour 2012: Paris, France Part 1

We spent a ton of time in Paris, relative to how much time we spent in other cities, and it was worth it. I fell deeply in love with Paris. We stayed in the countryside in a little cottage about 45 minutes outside the city. IT WAS BREATHTAKINGLY beautiful. I knew I wasn't going to be able to fit everything thing we did in one post about paris so I split it up!

Paris was a little over halfway through our trip and by the time we got there we were EXHAUSTED. We ended up staying a whole day in our little cottage resting and watching how I met your mother only venturing out to find a little grocery store where we could buy food for lunch and dinner. We walked around that little town like no other! Something that no one tells you is how tiring being a tourist is, we really needed that day of rest!

I was obsessed with the Eiffel tower. Its an amazing piece of architecture. I just loved staring at it. Adrienne made fun of me for how obsessed I was with it. My only regret is we never got to see it glitter. The last train to our cottage left a few minutes before it glittered every night!

We also spent a whole day at the Louvre. You could spend a lifetime in there and still never see anything. And Notre Dame was also a sight to see. Such an ornate and unique cathedral.

On the next post: Arc De Triumph and Versailles among other things!


  1. no place i love more on earth!!


  2. I LOVED Paris -- though it was rather intimidating. I'm hopeful I'll go back one day. Versailles was my favorite part. I'd also really love to visit the South of France.

  3. Versailles was BEAUTFUL. I'll be talking about our day there in my next post! Oh me to! There are so many places in Europe I would love to visit.

  4. I had to pinch myself while I was there, I couldn't believe it!

  5. Cute blog! Ahh...I NEVER get tired of seeing photos of the Eiffel Tower! <3 Definitely have Paris on my list of places to visit with my husband!