I get paid to ski sometimes

So remember how my job is amazing?

It is. Yesterday we had our offsite activity which was skiing! I slept in, went skiing with my work buddies, ate a free lunch at the lodge and then got home early. Honestly a perfect day.

Its so fun getting your friends jobs at the place you work. I get to hang out with friends I've known for years now since I brought them on to the company and get to make a bunch of new ones as well!


  1. I haven't skied in a really long time! I do love to snow tube though there is really no skill involved yet totally fun :) Have a lovely Thursday!!!


    Dimples of Dixie

  2. yikes that is such an awesome day!! you are so blessed to be able to do that with your job! skiing is sooo much fun :D

  3. IT seriously was! the funny thing is that the last job I worked for also took us on ski days! I think my new goal is to always work for companies that pay me to ski!

  4. I have never gone tubing on the snow, after the thrill of skiing it has always seemed like a waste to me. I'll have to give it a try!