Living for the weekend.

As mentioned earlier the last couple weeks have been tough. Im glad to be rid of them!

Ive just been living for the weekend lately. To actually get to spend time with my husband, see friends and unfortunately to also finish up work.

This weekend was wonderful. I only did about 3 hours of work and got to do some really fun stuff!

Friday night we spent the night playing games with our friends the Sheffields and my cousin and his wife. They are our game night buddies. We ate delicious fondue and got the perfect insta picture of it.

Saturday I slept in and was super lazy till about 10:30 when Travis got back from his intramural basketball game. Then we did necessary things like clean our disgusting apartment (Work has really gotten in the way of these things) plan our meals for the upcoming week, and went grocery shopping.

Then we went our separate ways, he went to Salt Lake to hang out with friends, I went to Thanksgiving Point to see my long lost best friend Adrienne, We hadn't seen each other since like November. That 25 minute drive, since she moved to Sandy, has not helped our friendship. haha

We went to Cubbys for dinner, caught up on each others lives, and saw the movie Selma. If you haven't seen it you need to. It was so well done. I cried like a baby. It made me realize how little I was taught about the Civil Rights Movement. Which means I will be looking for awesome books on the subject soon.

Sunday we went to Church and then split our time between two super bowl parties. Let's be honest I wasn't really paying attention, mostly just reading my new favorite book, "Yes, Please." But that play call by Seattle. WORST IDEA EVER. One mistake cost them the Super Bowl. What a bummer.

Overall it was a wonderful weekend. I can't wait for the next one.

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