Life lately

Its been a crazy last couple of weeks. Lot of fun, lot of busy, and a little heartbreak. 

We’ve had some fun weeks lately celebrating Travis and my dads birthdays, Babysitting (and making up new games like stroller soccer), Hiking, seeing insurgent, eating delicious foods etc. 

On my Dads birthday I found out that my grandma had a heart attack. Which is quite literally heartbreaking. It was a sucky birthday for my dad. Luckily she was able to get in and have surgery and she seems to be recovering well! Thanks goodness. When my mom told me I didn’t know how to react. I have been so lucky in my life to not deal with much death or serious sickness in my family. But with grandparents getting older, this is more of an inevitability. It reminded me to be present with my family and enjoy and be grateful that I am so close to all of my family right now. 

This week has also been kind of a bummer, because i’ve managed to get sick again. I feel awful. And I haven't been able to visit my grandma because of it. Hopefully I can get better soon! 

Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps for the win!

I think the world is going to be taken by a storm with stroller soccer, Saylor at least thought it was hilarious

This is the extent of birthday pictures. Travis hates his birthday and pictures so I was nice this year. 

Hike up hors trail Falls with these lovely people. 

My dad is getting so old but he sure doesn't look like it or act like it! 

A hockey weekend

This weekend we did something a little different, we went to a hockey game with our friends Jaimie and Geoff. It was way more fun than I expected! Hockey is fast paced and violent! So much slamming into walls if you know what I mean. We also got some delicious Mexican food with these guys and they cracked me up the entire time. I especially loved their dance moves.

I love seeing all my Salt Lake friends. When friends move up to Salt Lake it feels like they basically moved to Alaska. Which is stupid. haha I aim to be a better friend.

The rest of the weekend was pretty chill. The highlight was reading outside on our grass and getting so hot I had to go inside. HELLO SPRING

Europe tour 2012: Paris, France Part 2

Looking through these pictures makes me teary eyed. I miss Paris so much.

To the time we were in Awe of Versaille. The rooms, the gardens, the clouds.

To the times we read books in some of the coolest places in the world.

To the time we ate Chipotle in Paris because we were craving the american classics.

To the time we wandered into St. Chapelle and had our minds blown by a chapel of stained glass.

To the time we were severely underwhelmed by the Arc De Triumphe. We got off the subway, took a picture, and got right back on.

The the Eiffel tower, my favorite piece of architecture in the world.

Paris was quite literally a place of my dreams... even if the subways were stinky, crowded, and scary!

Movie nights/lunches/basketball parties

We had a busy weekend, as always. We try to pack everything fun on the weekend since we are too busy during the week to have fun ;)

Friday night Travis had an intramural Football game. While he was gone I prepped for the movie night we were hosting at our house. We got a cleanflixed version of The Shashank Redemption about a month ago, and since we first watched it Travis has wanted everyone to experience it (it is the top ranked movie of all time on IMDB).

I didn't get any pics of our beautiful guests or the makeshift seating, but that means we were having too much fun right? I was told I got the PERFECT movie night snacks. Homeade popcorn, wild berry skittles, and peanut butter m&ms.

Saturday was full of basketball, Travis had intramurals and then we went to my cousins to watch the BYU Gonzaga game. I was happy to chat the entire time with the other wives there. I really don't enjoy watching sports on TV. It was a happy night seeing as BYU won!

I also had lunch with my long lost friend amanada. I don't know what it is about moving to salt lake, but every time my friends have done that I never see them anymore. That 35 minutes ruins our friendship. Haha. She came to provo and we went out for mexican food. She recently got engaged so obviously we needed to talk. 2 hours later....whoops. haha

Sunday we had dinner at Travis' parents and celebrated his moms birthday!

Weekends are the best. I can't wait for the next one!

March goals

March is going to be my month of preparation, we have a lot of big things coming up: a major trip (Palawan, Philippines) a major purchase (a new house) a major life change (Travis graduating and starting his new job). I want to take the time to prepare for all that is to come in march. 

February goals
1. Practice the guitar 3 times a week for at least 20 minutes
I don't know what it is about the guitar, but I cannot get even close to this goal. I don't think I even practiced once. 
2. Go skiing once and like it
I did this! I went twice actually! The first time was a bit rough, but the second time was really enjoyable! I promised my husband I'd stop putting up a fuss about skiing and boating, because lets be real those things are fun and adventurous and I was being a brat. 
3. Stop bringing work home, instead plan Philippines trip
I have been really good this month not bringing work home like I did in January, hallelujah. Back to a little work life balance. 
4. Read 5 new books
I read 2 complete books and am in the middle of 4 others?
5. Exercise 3+times per week
I did this well except for the one week I was up at the Qualtrics Insight Summit. Turns out after 12 hour days and 2 hours of commute you just want to sleep.

March Goals
1. Get prepared for house shopping (check around for rates, get all of the documents we need to get pre qualified, save some more money) AH we are buying a house soon!
2. Read 5 books
3. Run twice a week and attend 2 yoga classes a week
4. Plan meals out over the weekend
5. Finalize plans for the Philippines (print all docs, make final plans for leaving, plan our Coron tour)