March goals

March is going to be my month of preparation, we have a lot of big things coming up: a major trip (Palawan, Philippines) a major purchase (a new house) a major life change (Travis graduating and starting his new job). I want to take the time to prepare for all that is to come in march. 

February goals
1. Practice the guitar 3 times a week for at least 20 minutes
I don't know what it is about the guitar, but I cannot get even close to this goal. I don't think I even practiced once. 
2. Go skiing once and like it
I did this! I went twice actually! The first time was a bit rough, but the second time was really enjoyable! I promised my husband I'd stop putting up a fuss about skiing and boating, because lets be real those things are fun and adventurous and I was being a brat. 
3. Stop bringing work home, instead plan Philippines trip
I have been really good this month not bringing work home like I did in January, hallelujah. Back to a little work life balance. 
4. Read 5 new books
I read 2 complete books and am in the middle of 4 others?
5. Exercise 3+times per week
I did this well except for the one week I was up at the Qualtrics Insight Summit. Turns out after 12 hour days and 2 hours of commute you just want to sleep.

March Goals
1. Get prepared for house shopping (check around for rates, get all of the documents we need to get pre qualified, save some more money) AH we are buying a house soon!
2. Read 5 books
3. Run twice a week and attend 2 yoga classes a week
4. Plan meals out over the weekend
5. Finalize plans for the Philippines (print all docs, make final plans for leaving, plan our Coron tour)


  1. Visiting from #friendswithgoals link up! I love your "month of preparation" idea. I'm about to wrap up my contract at work and then have a few weeks off before I start another contract position. A season of preparation and change is definitely on my horizon!

  2. Love these goals! I should've added exercise to mine. Stopping by from the link up- hope the month goes well!

  3. yeah, I think sometimes I have to slow myself down and just prepare for whats next instead of go go going all the time!

  4. Thanks! I always have an exercise goal. Graduating in public health does that to you. haha