April Goals

I love setting and accomplishing goals. It is so rewarding. I think April is going to be full of fun, surprises, and lots of new adventures. I especially can't wait for the beach!

March Goals (recap)
1. Get prepared for house shopping (check around for rates, get all of the documents we need to get pre qualified, save some more money) AH we are buying a house soon!-We've done this! Checked around a couple places for rates, gotten everything together in a handy dandy notebook, etc.
2. Read 5 books- I only finished one book but I am almost done with 3 others. 
3. Run twice a week and attend 2 yoga classes a week- Running stayed pretty consistent but I don't know what happened with yoga! 
4. Plan meals out over the weekend- did this half the time. 
5. Finalize plans for the Philippines (print all docs, make final plans for leaving, plan our Coron tour). We made our final leaving plans, but still a couple of things to Iron out. 

April goals
1. Do something active during the work day every day (bike ride, walk, run, yoga)
2. Read 5 books (this should be easy since I am almost done with 3)
3. Go through closet and and underneath bed, get rid of things we don't need.
4. Shop for the Philippines (I cannot wait!!!!)
5. Wrap up all of my work so I don't have to worry while I am gone and have no internet. (no internet, what a dream.)


  1. Sounds like some great goals! I would bet that you will definitely succeed in shopping for your Philippines trip
    Dresses & Denim

  2. House! Philippines! EEEP! Good luck with the crunch time before a good and relaxing trip!