Easter weekend

This Easter weekend was filled with food, family and fun. The three F's. haha Because I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we also have General Conference which is 8 glorious hours of listening to our prophets and apostles talk about Jesus Christ, families, marriages, and other gospel topics. I can't think of a better way to spend Easter than focusing so much of my time on Christ!

Saturday night the boys had a session of conference just for them so my mom sister and I went to dinner at the amazing Station 22 in Provo. Those sweet potato wedges are the best Ive ever had! We also finished off dinner with fried cookie dough, why not? My little teenager sister ditched us for friends afterwards (someday she'll realized we are cooler than her friends) and my mom and I went shopping!

Sunday we spent the whole day at my parents, and started the day off right eating our traditional homemade cinnamon rolls! Then we had 22 people over to my parents for Easter dinner. We even had some friends join us! Dinner was delicious, the egg hunt we set up for my siblings was a blast, and we even got easter baskets full of goodies from my parents. We aren't adults yet! haha

Man I love the weekend!

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