Europe tour 2012: Milan, Italy

Milan was I think my least favorite place that we visited.

Which is sad because I was excited for the alleged fashion capitol of the world!

It started out with a bad experience on the subway. Adrienne and I were minding our own business chatting it up as we waited for the train. I got this weird feeling and looked to my left where my side strapped bag hung. I was shocked to see a girl, probably my age, reaching her hand into my bag. I completely froze as we locked eyes. She slowly took her hand out and got out of sight as quickly as she could. Luckily that bag was a freakin beast to get anything out of so she didn't get away with anything (When we were in London I bought some sunglasses and literally had to dump the contents of my entire bag out on the counter to find my wallet- it was theif proof).

It also didn't help that #1 it was impossible to find our apartment for our stay and #2 we shared a twin bed and the owners creepy cat kept scaring us away. Plus our lifeline to the outside world Wifi, didn't work well in the apartment. I really wish we had ditched Milan and spent more time in the other amazing places we visited.

I can't even find any pictures of us from this place. Enjoy the picture of the Milan Duomo, It is a very pretty/ornate cathedral. To be honest our big push for staying in Milan is that we could use it as a hub for getting to and from some other hidden treasures (Verona and Venice which were about an hour away)

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