Europe tour 2012: Verona, Italy

I think Verona was the most unexpected of our destinations. We became obsessed with it. We spent the day exploring the city of Romeo and Juliet!

Eating a calzone bigger than my face. It was delicious. 

Can you believe how gorgeous this town is? The best thing about it was that there were few tourists, we felt like we had it all to ourselves. 

Verona by far had the best Gelato of our trip. I mean wow. We got it twice that day. Its even better that they shape it like a flower. haha They just opened one of these babies up in NYC and I want to go just for this Gelato. 

We hiked up stairs and stairs to get to the church on a hill, the views were breathtaking. 

We also obviously had to visit the touristy part of town. Apparently this is Juliet Capulets balcony. What I am really wondering is why this is the traditional pose with her statue? haha

I would definitely recommend verona as a fabulous break from the crazy touristing.


  1. Ah I want to go SO badly! Really enjoyed looking through your pictures and reading your post (hopped over from the Oaks & Oats link up, btw). Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, your photos are amazing! I would love to visit Italy someday! A few of my friends are going abroad there next year, so I'm getting major wanderlust!

  3. Wow! Jess thanks for sharing, it is gorgeous! I may never get there myself so I am living vicariously through your trip!!! The city is so beautiful.