May Goals

April just zoomed on by didn't it? goodness, I thought it would never come, and then all the sudden it was gone. We did so much in April! Easter, General conference, Travis Graduated, Philippines trip, and so much more. Life is so good.

April goals
1. Do something active during the work day every day (bike ride, walk, run, yoga)
Yeah this didn't happen, especially right before we left on our trip. I was a little stressed about getting everything done. 
2. Read 5 books (this should be easy since I am almost done with 3)
Read 6 books in april!!! Turns out 20 hours to the Philippines was the perfect time to read. 
3. Go through closet and and underneath bed, get rid of things we don't need.
I did some major spring cleaning! 
4. Shop for the Philippines (I cannot wait!!!!)
Got everything we needed, and managed to not forget anything!! 
5. Wrap up all of my work so I don't have to worry while I am gone and have no internet. (no internet, what a dream.) This was the best. 

May Goals
1. Be active everyday, don't let work or other stressors get in the way of my health. 
2. Post and create photo albums for the Philippines (can't wait to see all our pics)
3. Move into and start organizing our house (figure out furniture, get settled)
4. Figure out a new schedule with the new commute (sleep, meals, fun)
5. Kill it at work. 

I am so excited for everything we have in May! 2 vacations to California and hopefully the rest of the time basking in the fun of our new house, I can't wait!! 

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