House projects for days...

I think the story of our lives around here for the next 6 months will be house projects, and I am cool with that. Buying our first home was exciting, stressful, frustrating and so much fun! Lately we have been furniture shopping, assembling, hanging and doing what we can to make this place feel like home. 

My favorite moments from the last 2 weeks:

-Taking a half hour to figure out the pilot light, only to find out that we had lit it the first time we tried, just couldn't tell haha
-Losing the instructions to our thermostat and Travis youtubing how to set it on a timer
-Travis putting up our mailbox like a boss
-Going furniture shopping and finding a kitchen table and couch in like 20 minutes (it will never be that easy again)
-Getting some friends to help us assemble IKEA bar stools, much needed help. 
-Realizing our push mower (yes those are still a thing) sucked and having a neighbor lend us their good one
-Hanging pictures are arguing about if they were aligned
-Cooking in our kitchen together for our friends and family!

I can't wait for all the memories we are going to make in this place! 

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