An anniversary and a housewarming party

This weekend was such a blast.

Travis and I celebrate our anniversary on our half anniversary because Dec 28th is always filled with family and christmas. This year Travis was in charge of planning it. We went to the roof restaurant, yum and saw the age of adeline, which I had been dying to see. I can't believe we have been married for a year and a half!! Geez time flies. So much has happened in this year and a half and things just keep getting better. I am so blessed to have Travis in my life to keep me laughing all the time.

Saturday we had a housewarming party filled with friends family and lots of yummy homemade ice cream. We made chocolate, vanilla, smores and strawberry and had a topping bar! I was super surprised by how amazing it all turned out! I didn't get very many pictures during the party since we were all having a blast but did get one with my amazing friends. Megan is moving to Texas on Tuesday and I am real sad about it. Why do all my friends have to leave>?!?!

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