Beach Camping in the Philippines

The major activity during our Philippines trip was a 4 day 3 night boat/beach camping trip. When Martha and I first started planning this option was quickly determined the only way to get to see the 2 major islands we were most interested in: Coron and El nido.

I was a little worried Travis wouldn't go for this because it was a vacation, but he likes adventure. When I proposed the idea, he was shocked. Shocked that I would ever consider camping on our exotic vacation. If you know me well you know that I am not a big camper. But for some reason, camping on the beach has always held a certain nostalgia for me and it seemed like a great idea.

It ended up being a highlight. Everyday we would spend 6-8 hours exploring and boating to new places. Then our guides would set up our camp, setting up the tents, making a bonfire for us, cooking us dinner. And we would just sit around the fire and relax after a long day of sun exposure and extremely tiring swimming. the craziest part, I got zero bug bites. I loved every second of it.

We saw around 20 different islands, largely because of this, and camped on basically private beaches 3 nights in a row. It was so much fun. The sunsets especially were unreal as well as the stars every night. Were we to go back to the Philippines wed probably do something else, but I am so glad we did this once, such a unique way to see the country!

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