4th of July weekend festivities

This weekend was an absolute blast!!! I was so ready for a three day weekend its not even funny. Travis and I both had Friday off so we decided to get up early and try a new hike with our friends Jaimie and Geoff.

Every 3rd of July Travis' family gets together at their grandparents house in North Salt Lake to watch incredible fireworks put on by the city. (I don't know why its on the 3rd but its fun to do big fireworks twice). We ate amazing burgers and ice cream and watched the fireworks from their deck!

Saturday we first went furniture shopping and got a crazy good deal on some new pillows. I wasn't super stoked on the ones that came with our couch.

Next we saw the movie Inside Out with my brother and sister. It was solo cute! Then we headed to my parents house to BBQ. Travis took control of this and made steak, chicken, grilled asparagus, and grilled potatoes. He planned, grocery shopped, and cooked everything. He's amazing. (4th of July was weird this year because my parents are in Europe to pick up my brother from his mission, typically its a big family holiday for us). We tried to make it fun for my siblings.

We bought some fireworks and walked over to Travis' parents and did some more. Then we realized there were incredible aerials going on all around us. We ran over to the soccer field at the high school by their house and literally had a 360 of fireworks shows for about an hour. haha

Sunday was a lovely day to just relax. What a weekend!!! Next weekend will be the last before my brother comes home!!! SO EXCITED to see that cutie after 2 years.

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