A weekend for the books.

This weekend was probably the most relaxing weekend I've had in a long time. It was PERFECT. During the week I had some stressful days at work so it was nice to have wrapped it all up and have some time to just chill.

Friday I got off a little bit early from work to set up the date I had planned for the night. Travis and I switch off planning dates. My plans were picnic, kite flying, indoor put put course in our house and dessert. Around 2:30 I was very concerned that the weather was going to ruin all of my plans (it was pouring rain). But by 4 everything had miraculously cleared up! I picked up some jimmy johns sandwiches and some plastic golf balls (they didn't have a kids put put kit at walmart so I conceded to us using our real putters, luckily travis had some kids putters randomly).

We had the most amazing time at the park across the street from our house. We laid out a blanket, used our gorgeous picnic set, drank some martinellis and talked for hours while we flew our kite. The weather was pristine, around 80 degrees and sunny.

We went in and set up 9 holes of mini golf around our house (Thanks for the fun idea Xan). I took the upstairs and Travis took downstairs. My course was way more difficult and as it turns out I killed it, winning by 4. Travis loved the creativeness and insisted we do it at my parents as well. haha

We headed out for dessert, wanting to find something new near our house. We pulled up yelp and much to our surprise found The Chocolate only 15 minutes away. We didn't realize they had more than one location! The chocolate was our absolute favorite dessert place in Provo. We got our mouthwatering cazookie and headed home. What a perfect night.

The rest of the weekend was filled with errands (finally hanging my anniversary present-elephant print), cleaning and hanging out watching TV and reading. We took some time out to hit a bucket of balls at the driving range too! We also had our friends come over saturday night for dinner which was a blast! I made delicious french dip sandwiches with fresh green beans, baked broccoli, blue berries and watermelon. It felt like the perfect summer dinner, thanks pinterest.

Sunday we wrangled the cutest kids in nursery for 2 hours and rested the day away. Then headed to Travis parents for a delicious meal of bbq chicken. We brought out the bubble gun which was a big hit with the nieces. I've been telling  travis forever that the key to a kids heart is spending time playing with them and I think he got it. He spent over an hour playing with the girls and they loved it. He even got Janelle asking for him.

We headed home around 9 and spent an hour just walking around a neighborhood talking before going to sleep. It was the perfect weekend. I love being busy, but sometimes you just need weekends like this. Travis and I spent almost every minute together, which is so rare! Sad to see the weekend go, but hoping for many more summer weekends just like it.

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