A boating injury

This weekend was such a blast again. We went boating with my family! We were out on the lake for 6 hours and my siblings just wanted to keep going on the tube. They wouldn't let up. We all managed to get a little sunburned, but it was worth it because of how much fun we had! 

After boating travis and I visited my sister at her work. She works at this amazing little gourmet mexican restaurant, Oteo. If you need a food place in Lindon, check it out. We ate all the queso we could and smashed our faces with Tacos and plantains. 

The rest of the weekend we watched movies and tv and just chilled. It was perfect! 

The only not so perfect thing that happened was almost getting my finger ripped off. We were going in for the day and didn't have the tube secured on the back and when we went fast the tube fell off and the rope wrapped around my finger. It pulled the top of my nail off and bled a bit, but I was happy it wasn't worse. Its been swollen, but getting better! 

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