Missionary Homecomings

My little brother is home!!! Its so much fun to have Jake home from Spain where he served an LDS mission for two years. Jake and Travis met for the first time as brothers, it was the sweetest. Hoping our family just continues to get closer as it gets bigger.

It was so fun to hear about my parents trip around Europe (also brought back a lot of memories from my own trip as well as jealousy). Also fun to hear Jakes stories about his 2 years in Spain.

He gave his homecoming talk yesterday with two of his best friends. The stake center was PACKED. Jake did such a good job, I was impressed. Its amazing what those missions do, he acts so mature these days. WEIRD. Its also nice that he wants to hang out with the family a lot more (before he would just disappear).

Love love love my whole again family!! Here's to lunches, sunday dinners, sibling dates, and vacations with the whole family!

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