5 Best Pinterest Recipe Experiences

Mongolian Beef: This meal is INCREIBLE. The meat the recipe calls for can be expensive, but its so high quality and flavorful you won't be mad. We've made this 5+ times and I have even taught my mom to make it. It can get messy because their is frying involved, so wear an apron. 

Chicken Chipotle Sweet Potato Boats: I feel so good after eating these, and bonus they taste incredible. They do take a while to make, since you have to bake the sweet potatoes for an hour before you put them back into the oven with the goodies added, but I promise, they are very worth it. 

Caprese Garlic Bread: this meal was super simple and delicious. I fell in love with Caprese everything in Europe and this pizza brought it back. It only took like 20 minutes in all to make and be ready to eat. 

Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos: Once again with the flavor. Im not huge into cabbage, but the crunch it gives it is PERFECT. We haven't made the Chipotle crema sauce, because with the sauce on the cabbage it really doesn't need it, and we are lazy but its probably also delicious. Not pictured: salsa, guac, and tortilla chips.


Red Pepper Mozerella Basil Chicken: Ours doesn't look as pretty as the recipe picture, because we buy chicken breast tenders instead of chicken breasts so we didn't stuff them, but kind of made a casserole instead. This recipe is super good for next day left overs.


I am super proud that all of these meals had such a variety of fruits and veggies. WIN. We cook full on meals 3-5 times a week depending on if we have dinner time things going on. We love to cook and trade off doing it, most of the time working together. We like to cook as much as we do because A, it tastes a lot better, B, its healthier, and C, we can take leftovers to work the next day!

Check out my other tried and true recipes pinned to a special board on Pinterest. All of these are recipes we make on a regular basis.

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