Europe Tour 2012: Rome, Italy

My only real expectations of what Rome should be like came from the Lizze Mcguire movie. And while I didn't get to impersonate and fall in love with an Italian pop star it was still pretty great.

I've always love Ancient Roman History and getting to see the ruins up close was just plain awesome.  Some highlights: The colosseum, the parthenon, the spanish steps, bus tours, and almost getting cornered by a hoard of police trying to contain a massive rally.

Adrienne and I are both huge readers. We both constantly had a book with us. Because we travelled so light we would only have one book at a time. Once we finished a book we would leave it somewhere for someone else to find (on a train, airplane, etc) and then we would look for the closest bookstore to find our next. We both got a lot of reading in due to have much trail time on our trip!

We stayed in an Airbnb for this one and we were pretty far outside the city. Our lovely hostess gave us some kind of breakfast or snack every morning and took us down to the train station so we could go into the city. One morning she dropped us off and we could not get the ticket machine to work. We didn't want to miss the train so we got on without tickets. We were terrified we would get in trouble. We never went on a train where tickets didn't get checked (The german police stopped us in Berlin for not having new tickets, that was also terrifying, they only spoke very broken english). We pretended to be asleep. To our surprise our tickets didn't get checked. Its not that we hadn't wanted to pay, but the machines wouldn't let us!

Rome was incredible. I don't feel like this city could ever get boring, definitely a place to go back to.

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