Europe Tour 2012: Vatican City

Vatican City was one of my favorite days in Europe (probably why there aren't many high quality pictures). We spent basically the whole day on tour, and our tour guide was incredible. Seriously we had people leaving their own tours and coming up to our tour guide asking for his information so they could come back another day to do it with him. I HIGHLY recommend Through Eternity Tours if you ever do a tour of Vatican city.

I loved seeing the amazing paintings, ceilings, sculptures and architecture I'd only seen in books previously. I had no idea how grand everything was going to be, with so much rich history, a lot of which I hadn't known or heard before. Im not sure I need to go back anytime soon, because of how much time we spent there, but if you have never seen St. Peters Basilica or the Sistine Chapel, its a must see. And a tour with an experienced tour guide just enriches the experience.

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