I hit the jackpot in the family department

I definitely hit the jackpot in the family department. We all love to hang out and spend time together. We have big dinners or parties at least once a month with this side of the family and it is awesome.

This time we got together for a surprise party for my grandma! It was her 80th and we figured it was time to put her in the spotlight since she tries to be more of a behind the scenes woman most of the time.

My Dad and his siblings concocted the plan, and carried out such a great surprise. My grandma thought she was going to dinner with her 3 sons, but as it turns out, she was coming to dinner with her 3 sons, two daughters (who secretly flew in for the occasion) and a bunch of grandkids! Her faces were PRICELESS (as seen below).

We ate at the delicious and beautiful La Jolla Groves in Provo, and it was a treat. I am so grateful for this family that has always supported me and each other.


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