Parade of homes first timers

The Storybook House:

Alemexo: Birthday Dinner

The 7 million dollar house:

This weekend was so fun!!! We did parade of homes for the first time and really had a blast. The best part is we were sitting on the couch on Friday night trying to figure out what we wanted to do for the night and travis suggested parade of homes. I was shocked that would be something he wanted to do. But there was clearly enthusiasm. So we found a promo code and bought our slightly discounted tickets. 

I was mostly excited to see the house up the street from us (the big blue one pictured above). I was super curious about the inside. It blew me away!!! so beautiful. So many deatilas that were so lovely. From the textured walls to the storybook theme throughout the house. I was sold. We walked around our neighborhood to two other houses in the parade, which were subpar after seeing the first house! 

Saturday night we ventured out to Alemexo in salt Lake, a mexican restaurant I had heard a lot about. for my birthday! Its a bit pricey, but the food was incredible, so worth it at least once! The Quacamole still has me dreaming. Then we headed to the most expensive home in the Parade of homes. 6.5 million dollars of wow. Definitely not my style of house, ultra modern. But it was impressive. It had incredibly expensive fixture choices, an infinity pool, a baby grand player, crazy amazing views of the salt lake valley, and waterfall running through it. 

The best thing about parade of homes is that it lasts for 2 weeks and you get access to every home for that time. So its an especially good deal if you live close to the houses. We plan on going to a couple more houses in the next two weeks when we feel like it! 

The rest of the weekend was birthday celebrations with family :) I am a little sad about my birthday. I used to plan it months in advance knowing exactly what I wanted. This year my mom texted me a couple days before and I was like hmmm don't know what I want, maybe lets just go shopping? Also it used to be a full week of celebration, now its just a weekend. I guess I am growing up. haha More on my birthday later. 

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