Trippin with the whole family!

This was the first family trip as an entire family in over two years! And in that time we added another member to our family, Travis! It was so fun to spend time together.

Travis and I flew into long beach while the rest of my family drove down (we couldn't take an extra two days off of work to drive with them). We took a taxi to the beach house and started off the adventure walking to the pier and eating at Ruby's diner. My parents rented this incredible beach house in Huntington beach. We were a 3-5 minute walk from the beach. My fam got in a little later and real trip began.

Our days were spent eating delicious meals, lounging at the beach, taking family pics (coming soon) enjoying our cousins beautiful wedding, going full speed one day at Disney, and riding bikes.

All in all it was a fabulous trip to bond. I love that our family is all together again and can't wait for our family to grow with new spouses and babies some day. Adding to the family just adds to the fun!!!

To be continued....

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