A loving, hilarious, husband.
A wonderful supportive family.
A merciful God and Savior.
The best friends.
Stable fulfilling jobs.
All of lives necessities and so much more.

Some of the major things I am thankful for. I have SO much. I often worry about how ridiculously spoiled I am at this time in my life. Will it change, yes, that is inevitable, I am sure I will have hard times in the future, but right now my little bubble of happiness is bright and I am not going to dwell on how that could change, right now.

I am so very very blessed. And I want to remember that year round not just today.

Hope you all have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Where did November go?

The last couple months have been BUSY to say the least. Keeping up with my life and mostly work has been my main priority so blogging has taken a hit. The last couple months have completely flown by, its the end of November, WHAT??? 

When things get crazy or stressful or bad at work I typically don’t write about it, and that feels like a mistake. I want to chronicle the good and the stressful in my life to look back on and remember when things change. 

This month a project I was working on went bad because scope was unidentified and the client needed everything done yesterday. I made some good and some bad decisions. I may have barked at my co-workers and especially my husband more than normal, but I got through it and the client is really happy. I also realized that while the project was/is stressful it was interesting and complicated and required a lot of problem solving. 

I am realizing more and more how much I value time away from work, as much as I do love my job, I need time to myself, with my husband, and with my friends and family. I am so grateful for the wonderful people in my life who are always there for me, even if I need to complain for an hour. 

This next week I am only working 2 days, which means time to rejuvenate, hang with family, and celebrate the holidays. I cannot wait.

Here are some of the goings on as of late:

This is the most we've ever gotten into Halloween. We like Divergent if you couldn't tell, plus easy costume. Dauntless. 

Put our Christmas lights up before it got too cold. Don't worry this is the first and last time they've been on since we put them up. We are big believers in celebrating thanksgiving before Christmas. 

Breakfast in bed thanks to my sweetie. I've been sick for 2 weeks. BLECK. So much laying around doing nothing and not getting enough sleep because of my nasty cough. Hopefully better soon. 

November Goals

October has been quite the month. Mostly full of work. I can't believe how quickly it passed. Im pretty sure the guy who sits next to me at work is getting sick of hearing me say holy crap is it already 4pm. Oh my gosh is it already thursday. Sad as it is, its been my whole life the last couple weeks.

I am not even going to reference my october goals cuz I definitely didn't hit them. In november I want to prioritize and slow down.

November goals:
1. Plan work for the holidays, don't let it take over, I need work life balance.
2. Have more intentional conversations, without my phone in hand checking email.
3. Make my faith, husband, and family a priority over my job.
4. Overall- relax, it will all work out.
5. Christmas shop! And set up decorations AFTER thanksgiving.

You probably see a theme here.... haha here's to making the most of it and stressing less.