November Goals

October has been quite the month. Mostly full of work. I can't believe how quickly it passed. Im pretty sure the guy who sits next to me at work is getting sick of hearing me say holy crap is it already 4pm. Oh my gosh is it already thursday. Sad as it is, its been my whole life the last couple weeks.

I am not even going to reference my october goals cuz I definitely didn't hit them. In november I want to prioritize and slow down.

November goals:
1. Plan work for the holidays, don't let it take over, I need work life balance.
2. Have more intentional conversations, without my phone in hand checking email.
3. Make my faith, husband, and family a priority over my job.
4. Overall- relax, it will all work out.
5. Christmas shop! And set up decorations AFTER thanksgiving.

You probably see a theme here.... haha here's to making the most of it and stressing less.

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