Qualtrics Christmas Party 2015

Despite the fact that we have had multiple Christmas parties I still can't believe Christmas is next week. The Qualtrics Christmas party was last weekend, and it was fun, honestly last years party was a lot more my style but in regular Qualtrics style it was over the top. This years theme was casino royale.

We ate lots of random finger foods, the steak rice bowls being my favorite,  drank Italian sodas, and danced our hearts away. My favorite part was definitely the dancing!

Only 3 work days next week and then I am off for a week and a half. Hallelujiah.

Our first attempt at DIY-ing furniture

We redid a table and didn't die. So thats a miracle.

I am not a DIY-er, honestly I'm not sure I will try refinishing something ever again. For a lot of people I know its fun and relaxing, but for me, it was more stressful than work on a bad day. Not my thing!

I decided I wanted to redo a table when I started looking up the cost of new bedside tables. those things are ridiculously expensive for no good reason. So I found exactly what I wanted (minus the paint color) on KSL for $10 and we went with it.

In the end it all turned out. There is something about the sweat and tears that went into it that makes me love it that much more. Or maybe its just that it really wouldn't have been worth it if I didn't love it.

Christmas Decorations

I was so excited this year to decorate for Christmas!

We were originally thinking that we would get a real tree this year and then get a fake one at the after Christmas sales, but when I found our tree for 50% off at Target I just couldn't say no. I love Christmas decorations, because they feel like an investment for the future. Future christmas parties, future christmas' and memories.


Merry Christmas! 

Christmas Party 2015

We had a little Christmas party this weekend with our besties. It was such a blast. I love being able to host these things at our house. Travis and I made a big Christmas dinner: Pot roast and gravy, mashed potatoes, carrots, green beans, and winter salad (provided by chels).

Activities included: Listening to Christmas music, Iowa Football game, cookie making and decorating (we got creative when the cookies didn't rise correctly in the oven) ornament exchange, and the game of Tenzi (which is the best, you should play it).

It was so fun to meet Hannah and Steve's new little girl Lydia and just party hard before everyone leaves for Christmas.

December Goals

Its December, what the heck. This year Flew, its almost over. Gotta soak up the last of 2015 while I still can!

November Goals:
1. Plan work for the holidays, don't let it take over, I need work life balance.
Did it! Didn't work at all on the 3 days I took off for Thanksgiving and it was amazing.
2. Have more intentional conversations, without my phone in hand checking email.
Still working on this email and Facebook are so addictive. 
3. Make my faith, husband, and family a priority over my job.
Definitely made this happen, October was all about my job, November was a detox. 
4. Overall- relax, it will all work out.
5. Christmas shop! And set up decorations AFTER thanksgiving.

Check! All Christmas presents bought! Christmas decor post coming soon! 

December Goals:
1. Plan work so I can take off Christmas break
2. Do some good in the world (volunteer, donate, etc)
3. Exercise 3+ times a week
4. Blog more of our memories
5. Host a fabulously fun Christmas party :) 

Besides the snow I think December is going to be amazing!