Life lately

I started writing this post in September, clearly the last couple months have gotten away from me. Here's a little update.

We put in our backyard and got a fence! And now we are done with our major house additions. After shutters, the backyard, and the fence we are tapped on house projects/expenses! I am sure we will have small furniture or maintenance expenses in the near future, but I feel like our house is basically complete at this point. I absolutely love it, and wish I was able to spend more time at home.

Had an amazing trip to Florida with my fam

If you haven't seen on my other social media channels, I have started my own business as a Shop Stevie rep. Its already been 6 weeks and I am so overwhelmed with the support people are giving me and the success its had already! I am also having a blast figuring this new small business out. I love that I am in charge, and that I decide where to go with it.

I have also started my first semester as a BYU-I online instructor! Ive been interested in teaching for a while, and this opportunity came up and I couldn't say no! I am teaching Introduction to Community Health this fall and am excited to get back into public health on a weekly basis.

I can definitely say I am excited for the Holidays coming up. We already have a Halloween party and Thanksgiving party we have been invited to outside of all of our family stuff. We also decided that this year we are going to stay home and actually pass out candy to the kids in our neighborhood for Halloween! I am SOO excited to just chill, watch disney channel halloween movies and meet more people in our neighborhood.

I may be working 80-90 hours a week right now between my 3 jobs, but I couldn't pass up any of these opportunities! Things are crazy, but I figure now is the time in my life to take risks and see where things can go. I am lucky to have a super supportive husband who is picking up the slack and supporting me in all my crazy ideas!

My sister took these amazing pics last weekend on the Alpine Loop! 

Here's to the next few months of craziness. Before I know it it'll be 2017.

Buy things through my website from my blog!

I have been totally MIA from the blog lately. Managing my full time job with online teaching and my new shop is kind of a juggling act, I've been working about 80 hours between the three of them over the last 3 weeks.

I just added a new feature to the blog that lets you purchase from my shop directly from it! Navigate to the shop tab to do this! Here are some of the beautiful things we've added to the shop lately:

I plan on posting more of an update on our life lately shortly.

Thanks for your love and support!

My website is Live

As you may already know I am now a shop stevie rep!

As you may not know, my website went live last night!

I am so excited to make the ordering of these amazing clothes a lot easier :)

Yesterday I had my launch party for my business and so many people came to support. I am so grateful for the people in my life that encourage my new adventures! We tried on pretty clothes, chatted and caught up, I met some new people, and we ate amazing homemade ice cream. Then watched the BYU/UTAH game and we were brought back down to earth :/ haha

Here are some pics from the event:

Shop Stevie Rep!

I have decided to become a rep for Shop Stevie! I absolutely love their clothes and think you will too!

Travis and I decided together that this was a pretty low risk way for us to take a chance and try our hand at running a business. I've always wanted to try owning my own business and this is the first opportunity that has felt right for us. 

One of the things that got me really excited to get involved with Shop Stevie is that they are NOT running as a multi level marketing company. If someone wanted to sign up as a rep there is not a way for them to be under me or down the line from me. I would not make money from someone I helped to sign up as a rep, so I will never pressure someone into starting this up themselves. This is seriously one of the major things that sold me. I also have no quotas, recurring minimum inventory purchases, etc. this will give me the freedom to run this business in the best way i see fit and allow it to grow naturally and not out of force. 

First and foremost this is a hobby, something that we will learn and grow from and can work on together. I will never pressure someone to buy something, host a pop up shop, etc. I just don't see the point in alienating friends and family to help my business grow.  

This side business will be in addition to my current job at Qualtrics. I plan on doing Shop Stevie around my schedule at Qualtrics to answer questions, fullfill orders, and help my customers find clothes they love! So expect early morning, lunchtime and evening replies :) 

I launch as a rep 8/29. With my website and inventory going up hopefully by 8/30. Let me know if you have any questions! Thank you so much for your love and support!

Follow along to get updates on inventory, giveaways (we have an Instagram giveaway starting 8/29), sales, etc
Instagram: @iess.stevierep
Facebook page: jess.stevierep

Porto Venere, Italy

Porto Venere was a hidden Gem we were not expecting! When we got in line to get our boat tickets to tour Cinque Terre the lady selling us the tickets asked if we wanted to add Porto Venere for an extra 10 euro. We decided, "what the heck!" 

We hadn't ever heard of it but when we pulled up and around the castle we were shocked! The whole city is a fotress from the castle to the colorful town building, they were all built for defense! 

This place was so much fun to explore, we walked around it for hours, got gelato and just took in the beauty. Definitely add it to the list if you find yourself in Chinque Terre. 

Our little secret garden in Florence, Italy


OH MY GOSH. I AM OBSESSED WITH OUR FLORENCE AIRBNB. Can you blame me after these pics??

When I was searching Airbnb while planning our trip, I came across this one and FELL IN LOVE. It was $75 a night, walking distance of everything, the perfect size and super light and airy. Its also a whole apartment to yourself (kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom). But the best part, it has a completely private backyard garden!!! Its a little slice of heaven in the big city!!!! I only wish we had stayed longer.

My favorite day in Florence was when we shopped at the market and bought homemade raviolis, bread, and fresh veggies. Then we travelled back to our dreamy flat and made dinner, ate in the garden and finished the night off with a sunset hike up above the city. A perfect day!

Also, I hope you enjoy this picture of my husband and Isaac being ridiculous and making fun of our friend pics.