French Countryside Inspired

Comforter | Curtains | Curtain Rod | Lamps

I am absolutely OBSESSED with how our bedroom turned out. Like obsessed. I want to spend all my time just admiring the gauzy light that comes through the curtains.

I honestly wasn't expecting to finish up our bedroom as quickly as we did. It was not my number 1 priority for rooms to decorate in our house but things just fell into place. It started when I found this gorgeous bed frame, which I got for my birthday! Then on Black friday I found my curtains 45% off with free shipping and I couldn't help it. Our curtain rod was also only $20 and its huge!

Then we found a cute little table on KSL for $10 and DIY'd it see that post here! I had to wait just a little bit longer to get our lamps for Christmas from my in-laws, but they were worth the wait. I love them!

It came together exactly how I wanted, I love my little taste of the french countryside.

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