It was a white Christmas!

It dumped snow the entire week of Christmas. It was beautiful and I can accept the snow for the christmas festivities. But now its Jan 3rd and it needs to go ;). I didn't actually take any pictures of the snow but you get the idea. Christmas Eve we spent at Travis' grandparents house with his whole extended family at their yearly party. We ate good food, there was a program and we all caught up. Hid grandparents announced this would be their last Christmas Eve party, Im glad we got to go! 

Christmas day we got up early and trudged through the snow from our house to my parents to be there by 8:30. We opened presents and rushed to Travis parents to meet all of his siblings to open presents at 10:30. We were SO spoiled. Travis and I even put a spending limit on each other this year and still there were so many gifts. Our families are both so generous. 

We got some sad news about my grandma on the 23rd of December (I even rushed home from work halfway through the day). She had been in the hospital and things were not looking good. Its been very up and down since then and basically we still don't know what is going on. We visited her almost every day that week and it was so good when she was well enough to chat with all of us. Hopefully they will be able to figure out what is going on soon.

I hope you had a great Christmas! 

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