My sweet grandma's passing

My grandma Church was one of the sweetest most kind people I have ever met. She was also a talented artist (painting, doll making, sewing, etc) and a wonderful cook. She loved being surrounded by family and always made you feel like you were the most special person in the world. 

Some of my favorite memories:
- Finally realizing that the cereal and the bowls didn't magically make it to the table regardless of the time I woke up, Grandma set breakfast up the night before after we went to bed. 
- Grandmas Epimotus story. Best bedtime story there ever was. 
- Carrying around my Treeco pink blanket that she made for me from the time I could remember till it was literally in shreds
- When I asked my grandma if she could make me another Treeco blanket as my college graduation gift. 
-Seeing grandma and grandpa at all my extra curricular activities in High School, I was so lucky to live so close to them the last 9 years. 
- Attending their monthly fast sunday dinners with all of my cousins- and eating grandmas yummy food! 

There are so many more but these come first and foremost to my mind. 

My grandmas passing was difficult for me, she was the first of my grandparents to pass, and I regret not spending more one on one time with her, but I know she is in a better place away from the pain she has been experiencing the last year. I am so grateful for the knowledge that my family will be together forever and that I will see my grandma again. 

I was so happy to get to see so much of my family. It was the worst reason to all get together but we made the best of it and had a good time catching up. 

All the grandkids and great-grandkids on the church side, only missing a few great grandkids:

My adorable cousins little girl nora. She was my buddy all weekend. We read books for hours and it was the best!

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