Yearly goals: 2016

Im not one for "resolutions." To me that word has a certain breakable connotation to it. I like the word "goals" much better. I love the new year, as it marks a metaphorical new beginning, a time to reflect and redirect. In 2015 I set new goals every month, and while that was a great start to really working towards something I felt like my monthly goals lacked direction.

In 2016 I want to have more overarching goals that I can be working towards the whole year. I want my monthly goals to all come back to these overarching things so that at the end of the year I can really see my progress.

My 2016 Goals:

Spiritual- I want to finish the book we have been reading, "Jesus the Christ." And re-read the Book of Mormon. Overall I want to come closer to my Heavenly Father and Savior, and work on the things that will bring me closer to them.

Physical- Being from a public health background health has always been super important to me. I believe you create the habits when you are young that will follow you later in life and determine your quality of life. I want to continue to exercise regularly and cook delicious and healthy meals!

Financial- We are so very lucky to be in the financial position we are in at this point in our lives. I want to work to get completely out of debt (outside of our mortgage) we only have two small car loans, have a good emergency fund, and start paying more off on our mortgage this year. I also want to give more this year to organizations and causes that offer sustainable solutions to those in much greater need than myself!

Personal- I'd like to keep better records of our lives. There are three ways I can see us doing this: taking more pictures (I am perfect at always forgetting to pull out the camera, its especially bad on Travis' side of the family, because no one else does either), Writing in my personal journal and our couples one line a day journal, and keeping up the blog.

Talent- This year I want to develop new talents. I want to learn to read music and play the piano. We are so lucky to have inherited my grandparents piano this past month. Travis is a really good pianist but I quit a couple years into lessons because I got so down about learning to read music and not being perfect at it from the start. Travis has agreed to teach and help me learn and I am so excited!

Heres to growth and making 2016 my best year yet!

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